Commercial Services


"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them." Paul Hawken.

MAOS Construction has many years of experience and has plenty of successful project completions cover all types of commercial construction.

In commercial construction, we know the customer is often also the building's owner, and user, or property manager. Commercial construction is about transforming a vision into actuality. We recognize your objectives, and goals. Thus, precise appraisals, cautious development, hazard management, site safety, first-class materials and ecofriendly supervision are all imperative to you, and the team chosen to provide a world class solution skillfully assimilates each component.

This has earned us a rock-hard standing in Eastern Ontario. Services include general contracting, construction management, landscaping, and green janitorial services – from the minutest to major federal, and state-of-the-art execution models.

Our clients trust MOAS to ALWAYS deliver VALUE On time, and Every time.

We help clients enhance their building design conditions through a world class customer experience, for both new, and existing households. We are committed to making your construction experience a positive one; this includes attending to all of the details so that the end result is a project that is of the highest quality, and that has been completed on time and on budget. We appreciate the balance between quality and affordability to successfully meet our customers’ needs.